Full Throttle Bottles Keeps Georgetown’s Historical Brewery Industry Alive

IMG_5549Specialty beer and wine store Full Throttle Bottles takes us back to the Prohibition Era. First, by reminding us the significant impact prohibition had on the development of the neighborhood of Georgetown. Second, by reminding us how much Georgetown loves their beer. Last, but definitely not least, Full Throttle Bottles reminds the whole world to fall in love with beer as much as Georgetown does.

Before being annexed to Seattle in 1910, the neighborhood of Georgetown was doing everything possible to avoid the prohibition movement. At that time, state law prohibited the sale and manufacturing of alcohol within one mile of any city. Seattle boundaries were expanding, becoming closer to Georgetown, so the neighborhood decided to become its own independent city in 1904–allowing them to still manufacture and sell alcohol. Why was this neighborhood strongly against the prohibition of alcohol? Georgetown thrived off saloons and brewing companies, specifically, the Rainier Brewery which was the sixth largest brewery in the world in 1914.

IMG_5537Today, the Rainer Brewery is no longer operating in Georgetown. However, the historic building and sign proudly remain. Most importantly, the prohibition has long been over.

A neighborhood once centered around the brewery business can still be found keeping the tradition alive. Walking distance from the Old Rainier Brewery, Full Throttle Bottles not only sells Rainier Beer, they also sell alcoholic beverages from all over the world. Currently in stock, they have 700 types of local and international beer, 250 international wines, and over 80 Ciders, Meads and Sodas.

Walking into Full Throttle Bottles is like walking into an old saloon that most likely would have been found in Georgetown during the Prohibition Era. I say this because the small store is covered from top-to-bottom and wall-to-wall with alcohol on shelves, in fridges and neatly stacked beer cases. Also, on the walls and ceilings are banners and signs of various beer companies–instilling a sense of pride for the Old Rainer Brewery unique to Georgetown and for other breweries around the world.

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IMG_5522Due to the vast selections of beer and wine, Full Throttle Bottles may be overwhelming if one is not a beer or wine connoisseur. For those who have never been to the store and are not sure where to begin, I suggest attending a tasting event the store hosts every Wednesday night from 5pm to 7pm. Every event is a new experience showcasing a different alcoholic beverage brand allowing the customer to gain familiarity with the store as well as knowledge of different drinks–not to mention the satisfaction of a cold brew to their lips. The event is only $3, or save $1 by bringing your own glass–not disposable plastics or paper cups.


On Wednesday May 15, I enjoyed a fun evening IMG_5535at the Sea Cider Tasting Event at Full Throttle Bottles with a friend of mine. I brought my Starbucks reusable cup with me, saving $1, and tasted ciders from Canada based company Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse. My personal favorite of the night was the Sea Cider Flagship. It is an ultra dry, still cider that has no added sulphates. The cider was free from carbonation, very light, and had the perfect amount of sweetness to it. Sea Cider Flagship 750 ml bottle prices at about $15.

If you are not a beer person, you must step into Full Throttle Bottles. Their expertise and diverse selections will open your eyes to a brew for you. Although this bottle shop was only established five years ago, it feels like they have been here since 1904–stocking up on alcohol and selling it to residents and visitors looking for their alcohol fix.



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