Kettles Becomes Kittens?

Georgetown has become known for their restaurants, bars, music and arts scene.  They are a diverse bunch and seem to be accepting of just about anything.  However, Georgetown may have a different reaction if they have to welcome a new type of business to their neighborhood–a strip club.  This tight knit community may not embrace it with open arms.  Especially since they did not even receive a public notice or have a say in the matter. In 2006, Kettels restaurant and grocery closed down after being open since the early1940s.  It was open 24-hours a day and was always filled with happy customers.  Being vacant now for nearly seven years, the abandoned building has been vandalized with graffiti.  The old Kettels sign still remains and reminds the Georgetown residents of what it used to be.

Photo by Jordan Stead, Seattlepi

Photo by Jordan Stead, Seattlepi

Photo by Jordan Stead, Seattlepi

Photo by Jordan Stead, Seattlepi

Recently, a permit was issued by the Department of Planning and Development allowing Kettels to be reconstructed into Kittens–an adult cabaret.  Kettels meets the zoning standards set by the Seattle Municipal Code which requires adult cabarets to be located at least 800 feet from locations where children congregate.  This would mean 800 feet away from schools, child care centers, public parks, open spaces, and community centers.  Kettels is located at 5800 4th Ave. S.

The good news? The business owner has not yet applied for an adult entertainment premises license or a business license–both of which must be completed before this adult cabaret opens up in Georgetown.

The bad news? The business owner, Michelle Ebert seems to be linked to a scandalous history.  She recently filed for divorce from David Ebert who just happens to be one of five men charged with profiting from prostitution at four Seattle-area strip clubs owned by Frank Colacurcio Sr. in 2010.  Ebert was given five years of probation and could never again be directly or indirectly involved in any adult business in Washington.  It was a six-year investigation that blew up with raids by Seattle police and federal agents in the clubs including Fox’s strip club in Tacoma, which Ebert directly managed.  While he is not listed on the permit for Kittens, being married would obviously make him involved.  It is unknown if the divorce has been finalized and seems likely they filed for divorce at the perfect time.

Having Kittens in Georgetown will definitely shake things up for the neighborhood. Since alcohol is not served at strip clubs, customers will be looking to fill the bars along Airport Way S. It may bring in revenue and may also bring in unnecessary trouble.

In 2006, Georgetown was involved in a Debate regarding Strip Club zones. Residents were completely against the idea of strip clubs coming to their neighborhood. To read some of their opinions, click here.

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